Finding a reliable drum teacher can be really difficult, but we can help to make it a little easier. All of the tutors we work with are fantastic, qualified and friendly. But don’t take it from us: below you can read testimonials from students who are making great progress and, above all, are having amazing drum lessons with the tutors. As always, you can contact us to get set up with a great drum teacher.

The tutors all now have excellent remote teaching facilities and the majority of lessons are now remote. Tutors can use video call software such Skype and/or Zoom to conduct their lessons as if they’re really there. We’re getting great feedback about the fantastic progress their students are making, but again don’t take it just from us – you can check out some of the latest testimonials below to find out more.
I would definitely recommend Az as teacher to prospective young musicians. Az took my nine year old son, Stan, through his grade 2 exam. He is very patient and deliberate in his teaching methods. He breaks down instructions so they are Stan can understand them which is vital in child education. Az has an excellent way with kids and gets on really well with Stan.
–– Stuart Partridge (Parent)
Peter is a fantastic, reliable drum teacher and he has really got my daughter to engage with the drum kit.
–– Susan Whitehead (Parent)
az khan sits at a drum kit
Peter Udall
It's been over two years since I started my adventure with drumming and every lesson with Jack has been equally challenging and enjoyable. Jack is very patient and always well prepared. He introduces various styles of music and exercises making each lesson interesting. I finish each session with a feeling of having learned something new. If you want to learn drums from the beginning or simply increase your confidence playing the kit look no further!
–– Jacek Polewski (Student)
Peter is a great teacher and the online Skype lessons are working really well. My son Thomas (aged 9) says: 'It is like having Peter in the room with me! He can see everything that I am doing and he helps me when I get stuck and he gives me new things to learn'. It is lovely to be able to carry on with the lessons despite the lockdown and see Thomas making progress on the drums. And the transition to the online lessons has been seamless and we haven't had any issues with it at all.
–– Sally Oldfield (Parent)

If you’re interested in a reliable drum teacher, contact us now to get set up. You can also hit the WhatsApp button on the bottom right to text us now and get paired right away.