Drum lessons


Frequency of lessons


Tutors generally provide drum lessons weekly in 30, 45 or 60 minute slots, although this can be flexible to suit you. We suggest you take one lesson to start with to make sure the tutor works for you. Once you know you want to continue with lessons, regular sessions are usually arranged for maximum progress.


Longer drum lessons (90 minutes+) can also be extremely useful. Tutors can teach for much longer if the situation arises, for example, pre-exam, pre-tour, etc.


Tutors set their own rates for drum lessons but most are currently charging the following:


30 minutes – £25
45 minutes – £33
60 minutes – £40


We don’t have a complicated subscription service for payments. You simply pay your tutor per lesson or in a block of any amount up to ten. And that’s it!


Drum kit set up and tuning


If you’re interested in getting your drum kit tweaked or tuned, let us know. It can make the difference from sounding good to great! If there are any major kit set up issues your tutor will usually resolve this in your first lesson.


Get in touch to find out what we can do to help!

learning to play drums
It's been over two years since I started my adventure with drumming and every lesson with Jack has been equally challenging and enjoyable. Jack is very patient and always well prepared. He introduces various styles of music and exercises making each lesson interesting. I finish each session with a feeling of having learned something new. If you want to learn drums from the beginning or simply increase your confidence playing the kit look no further!
–– Jacek Polewski (Student)

Can’t wait?


If you’ve booked a drum lesson with a tutor already but you’re already itching to get going, check out these introductory sessions on YouTube:





If you’re interested in drum lessons, contact us now to get set up. You can also hit the WhatsApp button on the bottom right to text us now and get paired right away.