Tutor Terms & Conditions


About us


East of London Drums is a trading name of Make More Music Limited. (www.makemoremusic.uk).


Make More Music Limited is a marketing and administrative agency that specialises in representing music tutors. We operate as a disclosed agency.


All of the tutors are self-employed and operate under an agreement whereby Make More Music Limited has been appointed “the Agent” and the tutor acts as “the Principal”. The contract for the tuition itself is solely between you (the student) and your tutor. It is the responsibility of the tutor to provide the tuition and it is the responsibility of the student to pay for this service.


Lesson payments


Make More Music Limited has been authorised to facilitate the purchase and booking of music tuition on behalf of the tutors.


Lessons are paid for via bank transfer to an account dedicated to collecting lesson fees. All monies paid into this account are the property of the tutor.


Payments are held in this account until the lesson has taken place, upon which the amount will be paid direct to the tutor in line with the tutors timesheet and based on rates pre-agreed with the tutor. We will regularly keep you updated with the timesheet and if you disagree with the summary of lessons, let us know immediately so we can investigate.


Once paid into this account, the lesson fees are the property of the tutor. As a result, lesson fees cannot be transferred or sold to another individual. The tutors request that lesson fees are used within six months of the original payment.




The tutors are happy to refund any lesson fees still held in the fee account, providing that a) the lesson(s) have not taken place and b) the lesson(s) have been cancelled outside of the tutors own 48-hour cancellation policy. (See below). Make More Music Limited does not charge any additional fees for administering refunds.


Cancellation policy


Lesson dates, times, frequency and duration are agreed between yourself and the tutor.


The tutors operate a 48-hour cancellation policy. If you cancel with less than 48-hours’ notice the tutors reserve the right to charge the full lesson amount.


Lesson cancellations must be made via a timestamped text or email and not via phone call.


Make More Music Limited acknowledges that the tutor has the right to waive this policy at their discretion (for example, illness, loyalty, etc). Make More Music Limited gives the tutor full autonomy over this process.


Lesson fees cannot be transferred or sold to another individual.


Ear protection


Due to the nature of music tuition, there may be times in a lesson when recommended listening levels are exceeded. This is an advisory warning only. Make More Music Limited takes no responsibility for any hearing loss or injury as a result of music tuition from its associated tutors. We strongly recommend that everyone in the teaching room wears industry-standard ear plugs or ear defenders. Musician-specific earplugs can be bought locally or online. Please contact us if you need buying advice as we’re more than happy to help with suggestions.


Further information


If you need to talk to us about these terms, please contact us either via email at jack@northlondondrums.co.uk or phone on 07707 984684.